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Hemp, plant of the future


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Reinventing well-being

with cannabinoids

Discover our brands

Rainbow has already founded 3 brands, to meet general or specific needs, all while maintaining the same scientific methodology.

Kaya, formulas that combine CBD and adaptogenic plants, to fight stress.

A team of passionate French entrepreneurs,

from pharmaceutical and retail sectors.

Founded in 2019, Rainbow is on a mission: to reinvent well-being with natural, efficient and non-conventional products. Today, Rainbow includes 50 collaborators with offices in Paris, London and Berlin.
Rainbow includes 2 doctors in pharmacy in its team who are here to create and recommend safe and effective formulas.

Our story

The founders

Alison Ouvrier-Neyret

Co-founder / Product Development & Compliance

Doctor of pharmacy, Alison worked several years in a cosmetic formulation lab. At Rainbow, she’s in charge of product development, production and quality.

Emmanuel Jesberger

Co-founder / Finance

Before launching Rainbow, where he is general director, Emmanuel co-founded Vaïvaï (with Gaétan).

Camille Brocco

Co-founder / Communication

After participating in the Vaïvaï launch, Camille co-founded the Rainbow project where she’s in charge of communication and brands.

Ludovic Rachou

Co-founder / Sales and Public Affairs

Ludovic launched two innovative confectionery brands, Onegum and Bonsai. He’s also president of the UIVEC (Union of Industrialists for the Valorisation of Hemp Extracts). At Rainbow, he’s in charge of public affairs and sales.

Gaétan Laederich

Co-founder / Marketing

Before launching Rainbow, where he’s in charge of marketing, Gaétan co-founded Vaïvaï (with Emmanuel), a consumer brand that sells coconut-based products in France.

Hemp, a plant of the future beneficial for the planet

Produced locally

Hemp needs little water to grow

Hemp doesn’t need any pesticides

Hemp captures as much C02 as a forest

With hemp, nothing goes to waste


Hemp naturally contains 80 different cannabinoids with well-being benefits. Every year, new scientific research helps us understand how these cannabinoids can help us tackle stress, pain or sleep issues.


The textile industry is one of the biggest polluters. An extremely thirsty plant, cotton often comes from South East Asia and travels on average 10,000km before arriving in Europe. Hemp fibre could revolutionise this industry by creating an environment-friendly and sustainable alternative.


Finding alternative protein sources is one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century, yet hemp seed is very rich in protein. This has the potential to revolutionise human and animal diets.


We believe in the benefits of cannabinoids.

Scientific research has made it clear: these natural molecules extracted from hemp, can relax and help us, without creating dependancy.

We believe in scientific research that allows us to better our knowledge, and with experience helps us progress

With Rainbow, we want to change the way society views cannabinoids.

This is why we want to explain, educate and make their benefits accessible.


let’s reinvent well-being.

Rainbow is:


To our ecosystem: we wish to promote a shorter cycle by using French products and thus by participating in the development of the French hemp industry in which each role, from farmer to consumer, is treated respectfully.

To our consumers: we are committed to accompanying you in your management of daily stress by offering natural and adapted products.


We wish to change the way society perceives these new health ingredients. There are over 60 legal cannabinoids, which, unlike THC, don’t have psychoactive effects nor alter one’s perception. These natural molecules have a positive impact on our health and do not cause addiction or dependence.

At Rainbow, we are committed on a daily basis to an educational approach with public authorities, health professionals and the general public, in order to shift perceptions and facilitate the establishment of a framework to prescribe and consume these ingredients safely.

Respectful of the environment

We are committed to continuously reducing the carbon footprint from our packaging and participate in an innovative project aiming to substitute cotton products by hemp fibre based products.

Our ambition is to have a positive impact on the planet

by accompanying the development of the French hemp industry

Rainbow is amongst one the first members of the Business Climate Convention with the aim of developing sustainable and eco-friendly farming.
We donate 1% of our turnover in aid of the environment and more particularly in aid of the ocean, with the Planète mer organisation, which aims to preserve marine life.

Together, let’s reinvent well-being.

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